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BloodCraft Naruto Realism�distinguishes itself by creating the greatest�Naruto�experience for its members. Our server has been running since August of 2014 and we are still running strong.�

On this server, you don�t have to worry about being unfairly punished. The staff team is unbiased and will handle situations in such manor. We have a staff team that is friendly and willing to assist players with their needs while also resolving any issues at hand.�

One unique aspect of our server is the diversity of our clans. We have 80 unique clans to choose from, all from different villages in the anime. There is also a chakra paper system where you are randomized to have a chakra nature. This system of handling chakra natures has never been done on other servers before due to their lack of professional java developers and custom plugins. Unlike other servers of the same genre, we have custom plugins made by our developer and an appropriate balance to the variety of clans we have. A main complaint about servers is that they are �pay to win� or do not appropriately balance their clans, but on here, we make sure that balance, order, and fair play are present at all times.�

We are part of the BCraft Gaming Community, we have a website, and we have a TeamSpeak 3 server. We also have a BuyCraft store where you can buy non-chakra nature combination kekkei genkais, ranks, some jutsus, different chakra colors, mounts, and more. Non-cosmetic store items are not allowed in exams and certain events.�

After viewing all of the features we have to offer, I hope you consider joining our server. We welcome anyone who wishes to join our server and we wish you good luck on the server if you choose to play. Have a nice day.�

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