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Welcome to the MC Badlands (est. 2011)!
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What kind of server is the MC Badlands  

Primarily, we are a survival server. We have several plugins that build upon and improve the survival experience including mcMMO, Mob Arena, Vehicles, Pets, and more!  

Here’s why you should play on the MC Badlands!  

1. We have a fantastic, welcoming environment thats been going strong for over 5 years! Our players build towns, forge alliances with one another, explore our numerous worlds, and have a great time with one another. This isnt just a big group of random people that play Minecraft on the same server - its a giant group of friends. Once youve built everything you feel like building, theres not much to keep you coming back unless you have friends on the server. The Citizens of the Badlands are a friendly and accommodating bunch, and youll find yourself wondering why you ever played on any other server once you join them!  

2. We’ve withstood the test of time. MC Badlands has been around since 2011, and since then we’ve been run professionally and by adults. This is not a server thats going to go offline tomorrow. Weve been here for a long time and were not going anywhere!  

3. We offer and encourage our players to participate in many play styles. Players can enjoy vanilla survival, endeavour on multiple types of quests, level up skills in mcMMO, build extravagantly in our creative world, or even sit back, relax, and play some minigames! Not to mention we run server-hosted events nearly every week!  

4. We have awesome donor perks for any budget! Once you settle into our tight-knit community, you may be intereted in seeking out some donor options. We offer all kinds of fun perks from vehicles to pets to particle effects to custom item naming with colors, and that’s only the beginning!  

At the end of the day, MC Badlands offers a the complete experience for any player thats sure to keep you coming back for more! We look forward to meeting you!  

Sign up at!Plugins installed on server: mcmmo, spigot, mob arena, adminCMD, worldedit, worldguard, NCP
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