Furious Gentz

Furious Gentz

Server address: mc.furiousgentz.com


Server Name: FuriousGentz
Server Location: West Coast
Website: FuriousGentz.com
Server Address: mc.furiousgentz.com
Version: 1.11.2
Game Play Type/s: [Towny][SMP]
Description: We are a brand new server looking for players to come and play. We offer a welcoming environment and take everyone seriously.
Rules: No Griefing/Stealing No Cheats/Hacks No Chat Spam No Anti-Semitism/Racism Staff has Final word.
Plugins: [Towny][ChestShop][SilkSpawners][Jobs][mcMMO][MinePacks][DiscordMC][RandomTP][AutoRank]
Owners: Lionbattery, NashCatz, EmperorVayne

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Furious Gentz


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