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MindTrap Don't forget to claim your Daily Reward!!
MindTrap is a semi-vanilla server that is currently running on 1.11.2. We're a fresh new server and are looking for new players to join in on the fun. This is a server that you join to just relax and play the game. All of our staff positions are currently full, we are not looking for staff at the moment, so please don't ask. 


GriefPrevention - allows you to claim land using /claim or by placing a chest, more info found here: https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/grief-prevention 
  • CoreProtect - prevent and revert any and all griefing 
  • Essentials /tpa, /sethome, /warp, /kit tools, etc 
  • Economy system -with the focus on Player shops. 
  • Discord Server - ask for the link. 
  • Active and friendly staff - we try to interact with the community as much as possible and help as much as possible 
  • Friendly community, or so we'd like to think 
  • /rtp and /jobs 
  • Spleef and Mob Areana are now here!! 
Forums at mindtrap.us 

  • Don't grief (steal, destroy other people's stuff, bully people, be incessantly annoying, etc). We have logs of everything; please don't make us ban or jail you. 
  • Don't cheat (X-ray, fly, etc). 
  • Keep it PG, this is a Family Friendly server. 
  • HAVE FUN!! 
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    MINDTRAP, because just one more block, Just 1 MORE BLOCK!!
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