Orca Creative

Orca Creative

Server address: orcacreative.tk


OrcaCreative, as you might imagine, is a creative server. Our focus centers around a building community and we have multiple worlds to
facilitate this. This server is not a plot server, plots are only used for contests. In addition, our atmosphere is family-friendly, no rude posting allowed.
[Spawn] - Starting world, complete the quick intro to access the rest of the server
[FB] - Superflat creative world.
[P] - Paradise world, creative default terrain
[Sv] - Generic survival world for surviving
[PVP] - PVP world with arenas
[Prize] - Contains fun challenges that you can gain prizes from: Dueling, Parkour and Mazes.
[Contest] - A plot world for our semi-frequent contests
[1] No griefing.
[2] No harassment.
[3] No rude language of any kind.
[4] No offensive builds.
[5] Don't beg for a rank.
[6] Respect the staff.
[7] Do not talk about other servers in chat. (/msg is okay)
[8] Have fun :^)
[9] Be careful with redstone clocks. (Ask an admin)

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Orca Creative


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