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Herobrine's Mansion was originally created and published by Hypixel in November, 2012. Recently, they collaborated with Xiantis to remaster the classic Adventure map for Minecraft 1.10. This remastered version adds extra polish and several new features while staying true to the original experience of the map. Original post 

Residing deep in his formidable mansion, Herobrine schemes to bring chaos to the world. It is your mission to discover his maniacal plot, and bring an end to the wrath of Herobrine. 

The redstone has been ripped out and done from scratch to make use of the new command blocks added in 1.9. Whether you played the original or not, we hope this remastered version will give you an adventure worth remembering. 

If you have any feedback you'd like to give us, or you beat a world record in Speed-run mode, you can let us know on our forums.
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