Its Simply Survival 1.12 [SURVIVAL - CREATIVE - SKYBLOCK]

Its Simply Survival 1.12 [SURVIVAL - CREATIVE - SKYBLOCK]



  Finally no more server searching! You've found that NEW 1.12 minecraft server you have been looking for to call home forever. Its Simply Survival is a minecraft survival server that strives to focus on the original game of survival minecraft without overloading the players with to many plugins, rules & commands to learn. Though survival is our main strive we do offer a creative and skyblock worlds for added fun if you choose.

  We offer a huge 20K x 20K open world for players to explore. We have tons of unexplored areas for your monstrous builds and planned projects. We also offer a friendly random teleport feature right at spawn so you can find your new home quickly without spending endless hours searching. Grief, pvp are both allowed on ISS but don't panic because we offer all players grief protection blocks that will protect you and your builds from griefers creepers and other mobs. 

  Buying & selling your items is very easy in our Admin & Player Shops which allow you to sell your items for money as well as trade items/money with other fellow minecrafters!!  

We will see you soon!

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Its Simply Survival 1.12 [SURVIVAL - CREATIVE - SKYBLOCK]


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