VortexPrison (NOW CRACKED!)

VortexPrison (NOW CRACKED!)


Submitted by Coolfire023


Looking for a Prison server with fun, unique features, friendly staff and PvP Then youve come to the right place!
At VortexPrison, we offer:
- Custom Coded Plugins
These custom plugins are coded entirely from scratch specially for this server. Credits to coolfire02 and Haoiscoll!
- Epic Prison Experience
With the custom plugins above, we have managed to piece together a brand new prison experience for everyone.
- Plots
Build at your very own plot with no worries of getting griefed whatsoever!
- Survival
Once you have access to /warp free, you can access the outside world and explore!
- Crates
We also have OP crates that gives out cool rewards! Gain crate keys buy Voting or with /buy!
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VortexPrison (NOW CRACKED!)


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