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The No. 1 Irish Server!!!!    NOW RUNNING 1.12.2!
Are you looking for the perfect Survival Server?
Well you've finally found it. This server is dedicated to players who love to play in Survival mode, but also like the fun found in a few useful plugins. The plugins are well monitored, and don't spoil the Survival aspect.
This cosy server spawns you into a warm cottage by a small river dividing a forest and a desert. You make your way out and follow a soft path through the forest, past the Ravine Marketplace to a small village called SandyTown. It is protected by the lord of the realm above. ;) Its the perfect place to start your new Minecraft journey. Exploring SandyTown will teach you everything the server has to offer. Each house has something new to discover. :)
- This server is home to a bustling Marketplace where you can sell all your hard earned equipment in Chestshops, and buy other players items! 
- Killing mobs will earn you in game Cash to spend too!
- There is an FAQ Room in SandyTown. Go find it! There are many little hidden delights in this server. 
- We are also Family Friendly. Sometimes, whole families join, parents and kids, which is pretty cool if you ask me. 
- Rollback Grief Prevention is present. No more tears if you are griefed, and the perpetrator can be named and punished accordingly. :D  
- This world is relatively new, and is largely unexplored as of yet. :)
Voting earns you Ranks which give you extra permissions and titles!
- You can also earn 9 free diamonds everyday by voting for this server. Who said help others doesn't help yourself? ;)
Explore, build, Fight, Play, Make friends or just chill out for an hour. Thats what this server is for. This is a small little haven to relax and have fun in.
To find out more, join the server. There is so much more to discover upon joining the server. Read signs!
P.S. You can use this to join the server too instead of a big long address! 
P.P.S. You don't have to be Irish to join. They're a few of us here that are Irish, but they're loads and loads of other nationalities here too. We do not discriminate. Multiculturalism is the new hip ;) 
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