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Steel Armies: A Shift in Time
It has been almost 250 years since the war of the ring. Aragorn's grandson now holds the throne of the now United Kingdom. The orcs have been crippled without the organized command of sauron or the nazgul and many lands have been taken from them. Western Morder was swiftly annexed as well as much of Eriador. Without their support, Near Harad quickly lost to Gondor, surrendering many lands. The Rhudaur hillmen have taken control of Angmar just as the Dunlendings have taken over most Uruk lands. Just as before the war, Galadhrim and Lindon elves flocked to Valinor. Lothlorien and Rivendell weaken by the day. Only Mirkwood stands strong and solid after retaking most of the forest. Similarly, the Dwarves of the Blues are the only ones who stand strong as Moria has fallen, as have the Greys and Iron Hills and Erebor is under constant siege. With the army that was supposed to aid Sauron in the war, Rhudel annexed Dorwinion, the Eastern Dwarves and Eastern Mordor. They now have a puppet controlling half of Dale in their attempt to conquer it... This is the age of men, Dwarves and Elves are few and the Orcs are disorganized... may Eru help us all...
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