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HollowCraft Servers - Providing you with breathtaking content never seen before in minecraft.
Visit Us at IP: play.hollowcraft.net or visit us at hollowcraft.net!

Free Fly - Non-grief - Crates - Jobs - Mcmmo - Custom biomes - Custom Mobs - RTP - Economy

Open World - Custom biome - Worldedit - Golden Shovel Claiming

Project Servers:
Adventure - Yes you can become a builder/helper, inquire within

Join our discord, information located on the server.

-HC Survival Information-
Our Custom Biomes and Custom Mobs we provide an experience that is breathtaking, new and refreshing. Our community is grief free, family friendly with our discord that provides an adult chat to our mature members. We provide a chance for free fly per user through voting, a chance for free fly server wide through our donator crates and a permanent free fly at the final rankup in game.

We have golden shovel Residence claiming for protecting land and starting your own adventure. Capture mobs with our Craftable Mob Eggs, custom brewing plugin to make teas, coffees, beer and spirits.

Choose any title, or unlock special ones with npc's to personalize your character. Rank up to unlock cool new commands and items to enhance your play! 

» Flight 
» Economy 
» Marriage 
» Residence 
» Shops 
» Crates 
» Mcmmo 
» Mobcatching 
» Random Teleport
» Brewery 
» Anti-hack, grief and abuse 
» Active staff 

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