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Seizewell - The Survival Project

Seizewell is a server, that is dedicated, 24/7, and focuses on the survival aspects of Tekkit Legends. 

With certain things nerfed, a few tweaks and other changes, you should find our server provides you the ultimate playing experience.

As an example, remember how you used to grow farms for food? Herd Pigs and chickens for food, create massive wheat farms with automatic farming systems. Well, food no longer will work in a condenser, so you'll need to be more creative!

Survival is all what we are about, and this is not only a server, but a project! (You can still make end game items, we haven't stopped people from being able to go around in their fancy DM armor)

We hope you come join to experience a good survival experience with us and suggest ways we can improve your experience. 
We are also a faction server, with PvP allowed. 

Plans to bring back the mobarena, and making minecraft servers great again!

General Rules:
1. Bypassing the protection of spawn and other protected zones to either PvP or grief, are a strong bannable offense.
2. Any types of hacks will get you instant banned.
3. Asking to become a mod or admin just generally f**** me off. 

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