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Kanto 1.10.2 is here, we are currently on Pixelmon Generations 1.2.1
PokeMC Home Page: http://pokemc.com/
Server IP: latest.pokemc.com
We welcome all of you to join our 1.10.2 Kanto server! Get ready for a brand new Kanto with many newly
added features. Please report bugs on our forum! We will do our best to
stay updated to the latest PixelmonMod!
• Custom Plugins (PokeAuction, PokeBattle, and more!) created by our developers!
• New pokemon, new moves, and new items!
• Reset chunks outside of the Kanto region, giving room to build!
How to join: http://www.pokemc.com/download
We hope you enjoy your stay with us! If you have any comments or suggestions, please post on our forum! http://pokemc.com/forum
Current Events: http://www.pokemc.com/events
Guides: http://www.pokemc.com/forum/m/18026856/viewforum/3443853
Donate: http://www.pokemc.com/store
Free Rank: http://www.pokemc.com/freerank
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