Convicted Bains Penitentiary (Longest Running Prison!)

Convicted Bains Penitentiary (Longest Running Prison!)

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Convicted was the very first Minecraft prison server and is still going strong despite new ownership! If you want a Classic yet modern prison feel this is the server for you! After 4+ years Convicted is still going strong as one of the few non op prisons left.

Convicted is a classic prison yet has many modern things so it stands out from other classic prisons which everyone has already experienced. The server offers the following & many more:

  • Custom Events
  • Custom Enchanting
  • Unique pvp balance
  • Classic prison experience
  • Years of work

We're always open to feedback in order to improve the server! The owner of the server Silas_Bowen is as active as possible and runs the server as a hobby. This server is run on a personal level and is not just some money farm, no thought OP-Prison.

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Convicted Bains Penitentiary (Longest Running Prison!)


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