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Last Stop: Survival! Business as usual! Creative - Survival - Economy
Looking for your new Minecraft server? Search no more; welcome to Last Stop: Survival!Ours is a Spigot 1.12.2 SMP/Econ server, with a creative plot world and no whitelist. This means you can play survival and creative with us from the latest release; no modding or applying necessary!

We have designed the server for balanced economy despite extreme long-term play; as you earn money to rank up, you will gain access to new commands and capabilities. These commands will make gameplay easier, but they won't replace a second module on your favorite autofarm!

Donations are rewarded with ranks, which unlock groups of cosmetic perks. there are about 500 perks unlockable now, and additional perks are added occasionally by the plugin authors. There is absolutely no "pay to win," these perks have been carefully examined to provide no game advantage.

If game advantage is what you are after, we have a series of vanilla-like custom enchants that enhance your tools; area mining, auto smelting, armor penetration, auto repair, and many more!

We have fair rules that allow players to test the limits of minecrafts' power, without griefers, spammers, swearers or hackers reking the experience.

A whole new world is out there, waiting for you; It's time to let your talents shine!

Land claiming
Keep inventory
Random teleporting
Time/Weather vote
Multiple homes
Public server warps
Buildable Teleportals
Player ranks and rank-up
Cosmetic donor ranks
Balanced economy
Chest shops
Shop zone
Auction house
Anti cheating/swearing plugins
Mob arena
Extra dimensional PVP
God islands
Elite spawner shop
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