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Minehalla Factions - Tidings, player! The CIA developed 1ply toilet paper.
=M I N E H A L L A==
Factions - PvP - Earth Map - Economy - MCMMO

Hello, and welcome to Minehalla!  We are a PvP Factions server, offering a plethora of unique experiences for our players.  Our custom earth map spans the seven seas of the world and more! From Greenland to Antarctica, scenes which capture the beauty that is the world are yours to settle, develop, and conquer.  Gather your friends, stake your claim, and fight for your survival in the brutal world we call home!  Each player starts in africa, where all humans originated from at one point in time, it is only a matter of time before people migrate away from the warm home that is the great african savanna...  Will you trade and amass wealth with our powerful global economy with dynamic real-time pricing?  Will you become an expansive empire, ruling with an iron fist upon your neighbors?  What will YOUR faction become, newcomer?

Note: We are not looking for any staff at the current time.

- Friendly, Easygoing Staff
- Custom Earth Map (20400 x 15700 dimensions)
- Hitting a border transports you to the other end of the map!
- Factions
- Economy with dynamic prices
- Zero lag
- No hacking allowed

Join us today, and conquer!
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