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RoleplayCraft Minecraft Server

About Us
RoleplayCraft is a casual survival-roleplay server run by FaintingHope. Our current map is called Anduir, and it was custom-built by our staff following Wyrr, our 1.12 map. Through Discord, players can read up on the Lore to learn more about the world of Erranor.
Our staff is dedicated to providing RoleplayCraft with a steady stream of content that keeps players engaged. Whether it be roleplay quests, PvE events, or plugin additions, we are always striving to give our playerbase something to look forward to. Our rank system rewards players for dedication, while our class system gives players recognition for doing what they enjoy most.
RoleplayCraft was originally started by TD808 in 2011 and ran for about 4 years until it was shutdown in the Fall of 2015. FaintingHope, the current owner, was one of the admins of the original RoleplayCraft and started a server called Legends of the Fallen, which was renamed to RoleplayCraft in March 2018. In RoleplayCraft, you will undoubtedly find many players from the original RoleplayCraft who’ve come back, as well as plenty of new players.
RoleplayCraft’s distinguishing feature is and always will be our community. At RoleplayCraft, we have players of all different backgrounds, ages, and locations around the world. Whether a veteran from old RoleplayCraft or a new player, we treat everyone with respect and consideration.
We don’t have any whitelist restrictions, yet we ask that each and every person who joins RoleplayCraft read the short list of rules once they join. Please feel free to leave respectful comments and ask any questions you may have.

Don’t hesitate to pop in and say hello, because you may just find your new online home!
Discord Server Link: RPC Discord Server Invitation

We look forward to seeing you in game, and have a great day!
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