MageBlox || Modded Server (Modpack In Description!)

MageBlox || Modded Server (Modpack In Description!)

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MageBlox is the newest introduction to the BCraft Gaming Community. MageBlox is a magic server filled with 80+ mods to enjoy. There are features like ThaumCraft, Twilight Forest, Witchery, Blood Magic, Ars Magica 2, and much, much more. There are tons of features to explore and enjoy, so take a stop by MageBlox today!

MageBlox has been growing fast, already having users with little advertisement other than the Technic site and a few voting websites. The Technic Pack is also trending on Technic.

There is lots to do here and we aren't an ordinary modded server! Come check us out.

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MageBlox || Modded Server (Modpack In Description!)


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