MCfriendly Minecraft Server

MCfriendly Online
Players online:
7 / 70
Spigot 1.12.2
United States
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✦ MCFriendly ✦ Friendly Survival ✔ No Grief ✔ Jobs ✔ Keep Inventory ✔ MCMMO ✔ + more!
MCFriendly is one of the friendliest and most peaceful survival servers that has ever existed. MCFriendly is a place where you don't need to worry about pvp, or being griefed or even raided! We are also an economy based server, that attempts to still stick closely to the vanilla roots of Minecraft. This server is extremely new and it would be highly appreciated if you checked it out.�
Server Main Features:�
? Claim Protection�
? Jobs�
? Keep Inventory�
? Silk Spawners
? Player Warps
? Chest Shops�
? Custom BAR API�
? Loot Crates�
? Modern Spawn�
? Disguise (for donors)�
? Fastcraft (for donors)�
? Marry Plugin�
? Minigames�
Server Specs:�
? 40 GB RAM�
? 70 Slots�
? Lag Free�
? 40+ Plugins (Minimal for Optimization)�
All packages are 35% off (Summer Sale)
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