MistyLands Survival 100% Grief Protected Minecraft Server

MistyLands Survival 100% Grief Protected Online
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7 / 100
Spigot 1.12.2
United Kingdom
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Welcome to MistyLands Survival
E.S.T: 2010

Misty Lands is a pure survival server that tries to offer the best survival experience for the player. We run a dedicated server to offer you the best performance. Our staff are mature, friendly and helpful. Everything is 100% Grief Protected. We do not allow Grief or raiding so your builds will be completely safe. If you like playing survival then we are the go to server for you. Play alone or with friends.

The server has recently undergone a major upgrade and overhaul. We are now also Celebrating our 7 years Anniversary! So come and join in on the fun. The server is also undergoing a major rework on the voting system to bring you even more rewards!

Thanks for reading this short description about MistyLands. We shall see you soon!
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