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Asgarnia Survival Server A new survival Experience!
Welcome to the brand new server, Asgarnia. We are a survival based server with many modifications that make it more unique than the plain vanilla minecraft! Here is a list of the features we have to offer in Asgarnia: 
  • In game Auction House 
  • Menu Shop for in game money ranks 
  • Customized crates with amazing rewards 
  • Daily rewards - You get free stuff just for logging in! 
  • 34 additional enchantments on top of the vanilla enchants 
  • Land claims[list][*]PvP outside of claims 
  • PvP Arena 
  • Jobs - Increase number of jobs with in game money ranks! 
  • Lockette - Share your land claims and still protect your loot! 
  • Lottery - Buy lottery tickets and you might just get lucky! 
  • Marriage - Have that cute significant other? Show them by marrying them! 
  • MCMMO 
  • Custom mob drops! - Mobs even drop chest keys! 
  • Vouchers! Get your fly for 1 day and some other sweet vouchers! 
  • Random Teleport 
  • Chest Shops - For you old school junkies. 
  • Mine spawners with silk touch - Purchasable with in game money! 
  • Voting rewards! 1 key for every vote! 
  • [/list]
    There is many more planned features! Come join us for a whole new survival experience! 
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