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Minty freshness that lasts! Staying fresh since January 2011.

About Us
We are a small server which strives to offer a fun, safe, and relaxing vanilla-style experience combined with a handful of plugins which do not alter the game play in any way and exist solely for anti-grief purposes (land protection & rollbacks).

Some of the features currently available in our world are a small arcade (player-built games like Spleef), a player-run marketplace, public farms, a railway system, and a Nether hub for fast travel.

Server Information
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- Age Requirement: 14+
- Difficulty: Hard
- Gameplay: Vanilla
- Server Type: Semi-Vanilla
- Location: New York

- Please use common sense and act in a polite and mature manner.
- No griefing, stealing, or cheating (e.g., x-ray, exploits, etc.)
- Please build at least 50 blocks away from other player's base unless given permission to build closer.
- Please do not build Gold, Iron, or Hostile mob farms on the server. (Small dungeon spawner based XP farms are allowed though).
- Please refrain from doing things that can cause lag on the server (e.g., having an excessive amount of mobs in one area, constantly running redstone clocks, etc.)

We are a grey-listed server so you can login and check us out before applying. Our community is like family and you won't regret joining us!

If you are interested in joining our community please apply on our website at:
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