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Hi and welcome to an Ozy MInecraft server,
�The image of MC has definitely changed over the years. Wedon't see many classic SMP servers like Auscraft anymore. The surviving servers
today are either minigames or semi-set up servers
What advantage does Auscraft have? We're neither. We hail from the good old days Golden Age2012 Minecraft with an unchanged goal in mind A server designed to provide the classic SMP experiencefrom the golden age of Minecraft, to foster collaboration and allow players toshow off their building skills in survival, or even in the provided creative world. (how big is the creative space?)The most senior staff are as old as the server itself,going back over 4 years. This provides the server with staffing experience like few others So here's the AusCraft description: AustraliaCraft provides an authentic, fully moderated SMP experience stemming all the way back into 2011/2012. Fortunately for you if you decide to join, our purpose has remained unchanged over the years in providing the classic Minecraft Survival Multiplayer experience that people would remember most fondly about from Minecraft Multiplayer. he environment encourage
What do we offer at the moment is Survival, Creative, Prison, Skyblock, factions and mini games server so please feel free dropping in say hi.
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