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Welcome to Reborn, player!
Reborn is a community-based casual survival-roleplay server.�Our ranking system is based on the time you've played on the server, and as well we have a races system which appears alongside your name in chat. You'll have to choose from the default list of races, but you can earn a custom race through some of our events. Our theme is generally medieval, although there is no punishment for building in whatever style you desire.

What can I do?

You have the liberty to pursue whatever you want, but just to help here's a short list of things you can do here.
  • Build a house

  • Join someone's town

  • ... or create your own! We have a system of town ranks where your town can receive benefits for reaching a few requirements.

  • Roleplay with friends, or with someone new.

  • Chat with us!

  • Create a shop or attempt to gain the top spot on baltop

  • Play some spleef at /warp spleef

  • Participate in some of our events, including but not limited to build tournaments in our creative world

  • Master the art of brewery! (Yes, we have the plugin)

  • Create your own faction and rise to the top! (Separate world)

  • Claim the #1 mcMMO spot

  • .... and much more!

We're a relatively new server, and we're completely open to any feedback you have. If you're looking to find a new minecraft community, then consider checking us out!

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