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MayhavenProject: Project Mianite S3 [1.19.2]

We Are Base On A Small Group Of Players
From Around The World Bringing You This
Awesome Server For Everyone To Get Together
And Have As Much Fun Together With Us.

We are based around a stunning community full of people from around the world. We strive to bring you an immersive roleplay experience while still incorporating the fun elements of regular survival Minecraft. This server is inspired by the YouTube series Mianite. For four years, our storyline was based on Mianite. We've recently went to our own custom Story called Atheria. The Atheria story is over for now, and we are returning to Mianite!

The story team is so excited to bring you a new world with 4 Gods/Goddesses. When you first spawn in to our server, you will be teleported into our God Choosing Room to pick which God you wish to follow. You can also not pick a god and stay "Godless" . From there, you will be sent into our spawn which was created by our extremely talented group of Wizards.
Make sure to visit our Tutorial Room if you're ever confused on anything!

Storyline Lore:

100 Years have passed since our departure from Mianite to Atheria. As we return to Mianite we see the major time difference and the new development of the land and characters. Some of the characters we use to know have continued their family name and died due to old age. Wisdom needed us to return, but why? What awaits us? We've seen this "being" attack us once in Atheria and knew of our origins and know we'll be coming. What is this being? What lies ahead? Only time can tell!

After joining, please check out our /rules and /warp tutorial before getting too far in your gameplay. If you ever need assistance, we have a delightful staff team who are always eager to help.
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