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--[- [ MayhavenProject Atheria S2 v6.3] -]-- | Survival | Now on 1.16.5 | Custom Storyline |
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==> Welcome to MayHavenProject v6.3 <==

               <-- Project Atheria S2 -->

We are a stunning community full of people from around the world. We strive to bring you an immersive roleplay experience while still incorporating the fun elements of regular survival Minecraft. This server is inspired by the YouTube series “Mianite”. For four years, our storyline was based on Mianite. However, in the coming months, we have decided to make the move to our next project: Atheria.

We will never forget our time running with the Mianite storyline, but our story team is so excited to bring you a new world with nine original gods and goddesses. When you first spawn in to our server, you will be teleported to our plugin tutorial room! From there, you will be sent into our spawn which was created by our extremely talented group of Wizards.

Storyline Lore:

With The Earthquakes & the drill piercing the void, the world is beginning its corruption. Many causalities happened, many gods have died. We must work together and strive! #Season2

After joining, please check out our /rules and /warp tutorial before getting too far in your gameplay. If you ever need assistance, we have a delightful staff team who are always eager to help.

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