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Accelerated Network :: Looking for Staff! KitPVP = Online Factions= Online
Are you looking for the oh-so-classic 1.8 PVP system that has been long forgotten? Looking to have a flash back to the "Good Old Days" where Minecraft was much simpler and 10x more fun? Look no further.

Accelerated Network is a newly released server offering both Factions and KitPVP facilities for one to indulge in. Currently in Alpha, our Factions server is being consistently updated and modified surrounding player suggestions and desires.

The server is soon to implement CustomEnchants and BuyCraft to give players a competitive edge over others in the Factions world, and CE to make the gameplay just that bit more exciting.

Grow your faction through mining spawners with SilkySpawners, or making farms which harvest themselves using the MobChests plugin - in which you can invest in a chest which will automatically collect mob drops/harvest crops in the specified chunk! Or test your luck on crates, which scale upwards in rarity, where keys are won through server milestones, events and more! (Currently being refined)

Are you off of your game? Look towards our KitPVP server, where you can hone your skills before engaging in that server-wide envoy, or huge faction war. Or simply enjoy yourself on there!

Furthermore, being a new server, we are constantly looking for new staff to control the server, and playing simultaneously. 
I hope to see you there, and watch your faction grow!
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