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Welcome to the server
Serenity survival is a NEW survival server that includes some helpful features to improve the survival experience without drastically altering it. These features include:

Server Features
 Land claim with grief prevention
 Villager market in spawn
 Villager shops for hire
 Large enchanting and brewing area in spawn
 Free food in spawn from animals you can kill
 Random warp to the wilderness
 Individual biome warps
 Nether portal in spawn
 TPA allowed so you can TP to your friends if they allow it
 Multiple sethomes allowed more added as you rank up on server
 Server rank system with rank up rewards
 Voting rewards
 Anti-Cheat plugins like AAC and Anti X-ray to help prevent cheaters from ruining the experience
 Clearlag plugin to help eliminate server lag
 CoreProtect plugin to rollback any unwanted damage caused by a player. This basically eliminates griefing.

Notable Server Settings
 Difficulty: Normal
 Large Biomes are used
 KeepIventory is ON but NOT IN THE NETHER OR END, so use caution there
 PVP is disabled
 Creeper explosion block damage is OFF. Creepers can still KILL you, however.

Server Rules
 Be respectful to others
 No excessive foul language
 Use common sense
 No cheating
 No griefing
 Move from spawnpoint to chat prevents spam from bots
 Do not bug the Owner or Admins for OP or Mod status

Come join Serenity Survival if you are looking for a survival server that is fresh and has plenty of room to build. We dont have abusive admins. PVP is disabled so you dont have to worry about griefers always trying to kill you. Your builds are protected by plugins that allow an admin to recover any damage caused by griefers so you can have peace of mind that all your hard work will be safe. You can also claim your land to lock out other players from building or using chests on your land. You can also share your land with others if you want, and allow them to build but keep everyone else out.
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