untitled unmastered. MC

untitled unmastered. MC

Server address: uumc.crafted.pro


[font=Verdana]untitled unmastered. Minecraft 
A simpler way to play. 

Landclaim > mcMMO > Economy > Player Shops 
Vote Rewards > NoCheat > Playerheads > Crates 

Voting Rewards 
We have a system so the more you vote, the higher rank you can become! 
The higher rank you are, the more /sethomes you have! 
10 votes = [Regular] = 2 sethomes 
25 votes = [Vip] = 3 sethomes 
100 votes = [Expert] = 5 sethomes 
500 votes = [Mystical] = 10 sethomes

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untitled unmastered. MC