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Welcome to HomeCraft Survival!
Your adventure begins in Vanderlynn Hills, a laid-back town with no two mile long spawn area you have to navigate through or hundreds of signs and options to choose from before you get to start your adventure.
In fact, you don't have to stick around at all if you don't want to. Just hop into the wilderness wormhole to teleport to a random location on the map and begin your journey immediately. 
Or you could have a look around the laid-back town of Vanderlynn Hills which features properties for sale, farmer jobs, an exp farm, player shops and more.
Other features:
You may enjoy the freedom of claiming your own land, which you automatically acquire more of as you play on the server.
For the protection of your own sanity, PVP is disabled.
You may teleport to your friends or return to spawn at any time.
McMMO, which allows you to train many different skills and abilities that make your game play more fun and progressive.
You may sell items to the server anytime. 
Compete in the market by creating your own shops.
HomeCraft is simple, effective, and designed to make you feel at home. There are no special privileges for staff, drop parties at spawn, fly or creative mode. Everyone gets to enjoy the same survival experience.

Time to start your new adventure!
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