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    The Enhanced Vanilla Survival Experience. Balanced, Fluctuating Economy, Shops & an Auction House, Attentive Admins, PvP Enabled in the Wilderness Minigames , Custom Enchants And much more!

    Server IP:

    - Crates
    - MCMMO
    - Bosses
    - Quests
    - PvP
    - Economy
    - Survival Plots
    - Land Claiming
    - Drop Parties

    And much more.

    Server Trailer:

    Money Making Tutorial:

    Our Discord Server:
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    Server Now has Custom made plugins !
    Added Server Information GUI, When you use /help , /pl e.t.c you'll be redirected to the GUI
    Added Server Information NPC in the spawn, Right Click to open up the GUI
    Removed Marriage plugin, It is simply not being updated anymore so we're leaving it too^
    Fixed Players being kicked after being teleported to specific areas
    Fixed issues with /Fly and Fly hours not being applied
    Fixed a few issues with Custom Enchantments not working until you relog
    Small Optimizations (TPS)
    I am now capable of creating my own plugins which is going to be a huge help for the server in general !
    I've been working very hard recently to make sure everybody has a smooth experience, And so far it has been a success.
    In the upcoming days i'll be trying to get better at coding in order to replace some of our current small plugins
    And a potential new spawn(Questionmark?)
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    Custom Enchantments Nerfs!
    Overload V Max -> III
    PainGiver IV Max -> III
    Enlightened V Max -> IV
    Cactus III Max -> II
    Valor II Max -> I
    Hulk II Max -> I
    Gears III Max -> II
    Springs V Max -> IV
    Anti-Gravity -> REMOVED
    Ninja -> REMOVED
    Doctor -> REMOVED
    Venom V Max -> III
    Inquisitive V Max -> IV
    Confusion IV Max -> III
    Life Steal V Max -> IV
    Wither III Max -> II
    Vampire V Max -> III
    Execute V Max -> IV
    Cursed III Max -> II
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    Hotfix update
    Fixed a bug with Plot System using stone slabs instead of smooth stone slabs (due to 1.14.4)
    Fixed an issue with permissions
    Fixed very high RAM usage due to pillager patrols
    I forgot to give credit, i'm an idiot but. Thanks a lot @Rida for your amazing development on our Skin Plugin !
    Fixed a few corrupted entities (Not much to worry about as our system removes corrupted entities once they are ticked)
    Added /Kitspreview command with an amazing GUI System that's super easy to use !
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    Greetings! I recently started working on my own plugin ServerToolsPro.
    And today i released the first version of it !
    I'll add it on spigot once i add more features to it, However it has gone live in our server.
    Our new amazing MOTD has been set thanks to ServerToolsPro, and today
    i also added the ability for players to use or [item] to be able to
    Show the item they're holding in chat, Including enchantments and lores.
    Please let me know what you guys think i'd love to hear your suggestions!
    Small TPS Optimizations (Yes i know i just wan't everything to work correctly without any TPS losses)
    Player's FPS have been increased since mobs and chunks are going to render closer to the player
    Patched any type of exploit
    Added - [item] <- Show your item in the chat !
    Daily BattlePass missions are now a bit harder but more rewarding
    Top voters will now get better rewards!
    Fixed a rare bug with /Fly
    New players will now get One Hour of Fly time
    Fixed LavaBoss being untargetable
    Mob Arena is now more rewarding
    To be added:
    More mobs to the warp grinder, Including slimes!
    Report system <- Being able to report other players via a command and send it directly to a staff member
    New BattlePass missions
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    Huge changes to mob farms and mobs in general!
    Mobs will No longer stack <-
    Removed ClearLag
    Mob spawns - Farms will now be limited, If a player has (x) amount of mob types close to him
    Once the mob limit occurs they will be removed and put back to a lower value to avoid Lag
    You can no longer show crate keys in the chat by using or [item]
    Fixed an issue where players would fall into the void after teleporting to a warp after connecting
    Removed many useless plugins
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    That was the final whitelist, I apologize!
    However that was pretty good for the server, here's the changes.
    Replaced the resource world-warp completely with /farmworld
    The farmworld is going to reset after 6 hours and of course it is going to regenerate a newer 1.14.4 map every time.
    By using /farmworld you will now get teleported to a random location.
    Removed 1/3 of our plugins (They were simply not needed anymore, most of them were API's)
    Boosted perfomance! <- again. yes i know.
    I decided to NOT revert back to the previous mob stacking system and the entity clear.
    I'm going to keep gathering data and see how things go. If i notice that our perfomance gets worse I'm going to revert back
    To the stacked mobs.
    Since all these changes went through, and they were very important.
    Starting tommorow i'll start working hard on releasing the first version of my plugin.
    In the meantime, please report any bugs on the #bug-reports section and hit me up with any suggestions!
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    Good evening ! Here's some changes:)
    I added 2 new features to my plugin (ServerToolsPro) The changes are as follows:

    You can now report players by using /report <player> <reason>
    The command has a 2 hour cooldown to avoid spamming
    Any available staff member is going to get a notification after you successfuly reported a player.
    Using the report command 'for fun' or to troll any staff members and making unreasonable reports in general
    will end up in you being Unable to use the command forever !

    You probably noticed that our Player Slots are now 0/1 or 1/2 (Depending if someone is online or not)
    This is not a bug!
    This is my plugin's new feature and here's how it works:
    When no players are online the slots are going to show as 0/1, And of course you are going to be able to join
    After you joined the slots are then going to show as 1/2, Meaning they will keep increasing by 1 every time someone joins the server.
    Of course slots are unlimited and there's no limit of when the slots are going to get increased.

    Why is this good?
    1) It looks awesome:)
    2) Less slots = Less ram !
    3) It looks awesome:)
    4) It looks awesome:)

    You also can no longer see which players are online by hovering with your mouse in the slots if you're on your server's list.
    Instead it is going to show my new amazing Hover text ! (Professional i know)
    Added more items to the /shop
    Fixed a bug in the casino where you would always win an item no matter what
    Removed Kit Color and Kit Firework
    Battle Pass weekly missions are now more rewarding but a bit harder to do (Overall a buff)
    Let me know what you guys think about these changes !
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    Economy - Protection changes.
    Re - Added The ability to change your skin! -> /skin set <name> (/skin) for more info.

    Jobs have been buffed
    Reduced the amount of survival keys you get from Tier Ups in battlepass (from 6 to 3)
    In - Game ranks prices after Warlord have been increased
    Fixed an issue with the Farmworld where you weren't able to break blocks (Sorry)
    I Made a few security changes including Proxy - VPN Blacklisting, Please let me know if you guys have any issues ! (Most likely not)
    Fixed many kits showing invalid color codes
    Added a new cool look to the Essentials Commands !

    Removed 1.7 - 1.8 Support, Why?

    1) Issues with false positives in these versions
    2) Many exploits can be done in these versions
    3) Theres practically no reason to not be joining with versions higher than 1.9
    4) Faster Log In due to the version checking system
    Please report any bugs to the bug reports section in discord.
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    Top Voters of the month have received their rewards on their /pv 1
    Thank you guys for supporting the server, You're amazing!
    1) Vansiara
    2) Celensor
    3) TomasTheTrain
    Removed the report feature

    1) I developed it very badly and i rushed it so it came out being useless
    2) I might re - develop a simular feature in the future

    You can now properly list any items with enchantments - lores by using instead of getting an error
    Mermaid enchantment has been set to I Max From IV Max, Due to an issue where helmets having mermaid II or higher not working
    Fixed the chance of getting 'nothing' from the casino (Sorry)
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    Custom enchantments and bugs!
    There's currently an issue with a few enchants, for example AutoSmelt - Furnace not dropping ores when combined with blast.
    I Removed autosmelt before for that exact reason, However today i also completely removed Haste and Furnace until the plugin developer
    Makes an update where he fixes this, Then they will be re added again. (Do not ask me when, I do not know myself since i'm waiting for the dev too)

    *I Understand the removal of furnace, but why haste?*

    Haste was in general being problematic pickaxes with efficiency 5+ Haste combined with blast, and boom a player instantly mined the whole world underground in a few minutes.
    Also haste has a strange bug where sometimes after the server restart it just doesn't work until a few hours go by.
    I sincerely apologize for these changes however i had to remove these two in order to keep the server healthy without any issues <3
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    Hello !
    I ran a few tests today and made some changes. Here they are!

    Titles when a boss spawns e.t.c will no longer take over your whole screen.
    I made my own TitleSender plugin since the one that we used to have is now abandoned.
    You will now have more daily missions !
    The old casino pickaxe has been replaced with a diamond one, Due to some issues.
    Our previous AutoRestart plugin has been replaced by the one i made.
    Restarts will occur every 7 hours and 25 minutes, And of course you'll be notified.

    The 1.15.2 testing ended up better than i expected !
    We are safe to update to 1.15.2 whenever.
    We'll wait possibly a week or two maybe more before we update to 1.15.2

    Why 1.15.2?
    1) 1.14.4 Is now historically the worst version and most unoptimized ever released
    2) No more updates for 1.14.4 server jars
    3) 1.15.2 is very optimized
    I am aware of the issue of PvP Arena where players are not able to Attack eachother
    I'll take a look on it tommorow since i honestly couldn't find why this is happening
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    Added the amazing tree falling animation !

    How does it work?

    When you topple the base of the tree, the rest of it now falls. and plants a sapling

    You're not able to break the sapling for a minute

    Tree toppling has a 2 second cooldown.

    Chopping trees in the farmworld now gives a bit more wood sometimes!

    Monsters can now spawn in the farmworld !
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    Good Evening !

    We bought a new Bosses Plugin Today and from tommorow i'll work on
    Re - Creating the bosses on my test server.

    Once i'm done with the bosses we'll then update to 1.15.2 and add the new Bosses !

    I'm aware of the PvP issue where players aren't able to PvP basically anywhere, I did some testing with Steven today
    And i'm now testing a method to get it fixed and we'll see how it goes (We'll see on the next restart)

    OH! Now that i said Restart...
    Restarts will no longer occur every 7 hours.

    Server's now going to Automatically Reboot Every 15 Hours ! <----------

    Specifically, At 05:32AM (GMT+2) EU Timezone !
    I also released two of my Plugins on Spigot !
    Make sure to check them out ^_^
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    1.15.2 Is finally here !

    I'm sorry this took so long, I had some issues with our currently Temp Fly plugin and i literally had to Edit it myself in order to make it work>:)
    New Bosses are now live ! Every boss has been completely reworked.

    Removed a few plugins that were unused

    Fixed the bug where you couldn't PvP anywhere

    Fixed issues with Fly Hours not applying properly

    Fixed a few console errors
    Please report any bugs that you may find
    Or suggestions about the bosses in our Bug Report Section.

    The current bosses configurations are in BETA
    I did not have too much time to properly test every single mechanic of them.
    Please leave feedback about them if you encounter any issues
    Have an amazing day ^^
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    Small - Big changes
    Buffed bosses
    Removed the previous Jump Pads plugin and added my own (The pressure plates that made u jump)
    Perfomance Improvements
    Removed Farmworld completely due to it causing many issues and ruining PvP in every world
    Fixed Vote Top signs
    Fixed many many many Fly - KillAura false positives

    - Added -

    Since we removed farmworld, I added a new feature.
    On every server startup or every week
    The server's automatically going to remove - regenerate land that has not been visited by players
    This also includes the End and Nether and it does not include Player claims - plots e.t.c
    Meaning that the nether and end SHOULD Reset after a few days (We'll have to wait and see)

    It works like that: Let's say you use /wild, u find a cave. And you start mining.
    If you do not claim that land and leave it as it is for 5+ days it is going to automatically reset


    This feature is still in BETA.
    I've made many tests myself and all results were positive
    However i do not fully trust it yet that's why im going to be doing daily backups to ensure there's no losses

    -To be added(Maybe)-

    Scoreboard <- Depends if you guys wan't it back^^

    Pet plugin <- Not sure yet, i need to run more tests with it first. And if we end up adding it. It is going to be a donor perk.

    /Smelt <- I started working on my own plugin that smelts all the ores on your inventory, It isn't ready yet but once i finish it and ensure there's no bugs i'll add it (Donor perk)

    Leave your suggestions!
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    New features !

    You can now marry players once again !
    Romantic ain't it?

    Marrying a player will unlock you the permission to use /marry sethome - home , /marry tp and /marry chat.
    Oh and... You can also.. kiss.. players... Please do not abuse it in a bad way ty:)

    You can now Trade with other players with a GUI by using /Trade <Player>
    You can also Trade Money with that feature.

    Added an amazing Scoreboard since you guys wanted it ^^ Let me know what you think !

    Replaced our previous /Wild plugin with a new one.
    You will now gain Protections after using /Wild for 10 seconds , We've had issues with the previous
    Plugin due to players sometimes getting teleported to the void or sometimes it lagged the server due to the plugin
    not being able to find a location (Good job dev !)

    Wrong Spawnpoints in Mob Arena
    Your prefix will no longer have two or three spaces making your name in chat super duper long
    After you donated you will now get your rank way faster instead of having to wait 10-15 minutes


    I won't be In-Game that much these days since i'll be taking Java Courses with our great admin Steven.
    We wan't to get better at Coding to simply create - manage our own plugins on our own.

    However we'll still be in touch with you guys and Any issues - Suggestions please bring them over to our Channels !

    Have an amazing day.
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    Valentines Crate is now out !

    The new Spider Queen Boss is now out ! (Beta)

    Added more stuff to the Premium Casino !

    Replaced the previous Boss Vouchers from Crates with Actual Boss Eggs, You can only spawn a Boss
    Inside the /Warp Bossarena. (Note: Previous Boss Vouchers will still work)

    Added more features to our store! Check the announcements for more info.

    Mob Arena Key Fragments will now be given normally, And not via a kit.

    Server's no longer going to start lagging slowly over time once a player with the Master rank joins the server.
    (This was caused from the Scoreboard since it couldn't handle how big the prefix of Master Rank was, So it started sending errors)

    General perfomance improvements.

    To be added:


    Pets? <- Untested - Not decided

    What else?
    Throw your suggestion in our suggestion section on discord !

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    Bosses will no longer spawn minions due to an issue where if you kill a boss's minion it won't drop a key fragment on death

    Bosses now have more health (Spider Queen is overpowered)

    After being inactive for 2 months all of your data including password, claims and everything except your rank are young to get deleted.


    Data will now be deleted after you've been inactive for 3 months.
    However please note that if your password gets a reset other players can log into your account.

    You will no longer freeze after being afk for 2 minutes making you unable to type commands

    Reduced the cooldown of /rtp (/wild) to 2 Minutes from 15 Minutes



    Fixed a rare bug where sometimes you'd fall to the void after using /Spawn (Woops!)

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    You will no longer lose your items if you die inside the PvP Arena !

    Added more Battle Pass missions including the Kissing mission (get her on a hot date first)

    Fixed a few issues in the Combat System in general