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-----------[ NitePvP ]----------- Seazon ends in 9/29!
Attention players: An issue with server voting was reported. Working to fix it as soon as possible!
Real OP Factions (Enchants from 15 - 400)

Season will be (1 month)
F top

1st place 50€ of Ethereum/Paypal or 75€ store voucher + 5 Donor crates
2nd Place 50€ Store voucher + 3 Donor Crates
3rd Place Warrior and Gladiator lifetime ranks + 5 Rare crates

Vote party requare 150 votes then vote party will start at /warp dp + each online user will get guaranteed reward

First vote will give you 1 Rare crate
Each vote has 30% chance to give you Vote crate

Users can upgrade theyre faction by doing /f mission and /f upgrade

Spawners are upgradable

All players will have access to /pv 1

Custom mobs
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