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A Roleplay Survival Server!
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BlockiCube is a roleplay survival server, where you build in survival to roleplay! You can buy your own protected plot of land, gather resources, build a home, a school, a shop, a museum, a theater, (or just whatever you want) and roleplay!

You can make money by mining, killing mobs, and earning interest by being online, as well as any money exchanges you have with other players in character.

Start off by building a temporary hut in free-for-all land. Then, when you have enough money to purchase a region, click a sign on a plot to purchase it!

This server is still in its beginnings, and not many regions for sale have been created yet. However, if you find a plot of land you'd like us to set up, feel free to contact a mod!

Visit our server website to read the lore behind BlockiCube!
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