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CeresNetwork - - 1.14.4 | McMMO | Shops | Crates |
Attention players: An issue with server voting was reported. Working to fix it as soon as possible!

This server is a Multiverse server with worlds such as:
Pandora - Creative, Unlimited plots
Edessa - Survival PvE - Shop, McMMO, Land Claim, Sethomes, Mob Heads. End Nether worlds
SkyBlock - Mines, Shops, Player Shops, Including Nether and End!
CaveBlock - You are stranded in a small cave with expands for miles and miles, no escape! Includes Nether and End!

There are 21 ranks. 10 of them are Time Depentant. 4 of them are Buyable ranks and the 6 of them are Admins the last 1 is a Deafult rank.

There is a Voting system so everytime you vote for this server you get Rewards such as:
Claim Blocks Money and Crate keys

Land Claim:
To Claim Land simply construct a Golden Shovel and go to 2 corners of your property and right click the Claim expands Vertically so you dont need to worry about other players destroying the ground below you. You always can lock your Chests, Doors, Trap Doors etc, by placing a sign on either of the examples.

Thank you for reviewing our server and we hope too see you soon!
Thanks, CeresNetwork Team.
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