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╔ ᑕ ∘ ⋘⬤⋙ ∘ ᑐ ╗ ═⬤ Survival+ ≫ INTENSITY ≪ +Creative ⬤═
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IntensityMc is the result of an incredible community, they have shaped us into the best possible experience to chill and just play Survival Minecraft! We have tons of space for your builds with our massive world with 30k+ world borders to build in peace! We have 25 ranks to earn with ign money which can be earned with our /jobs plugin, gold mining, and farming. Create your own shops with warps to trade with others and build a town of your own. All of our shops are gold-based Villager located all around spawn where you can buy and sell!

          Our ranks are 100% EULA compliant.
We put our focus on the experience, not the donations.
We listen to our players and our community has shaped this          server into what it is today Hope you'll give it a try
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