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Welcome to Z0mcraft! Known for it's great gameplay and community, if you want to play an enhanced survival experience this server is right for you. Z0mcraft has been started up again after a 6 year period so as you can imagine, I'm very exicted to be re-releasing this along with the enjin website!

Z0mcraft's gameplay mainly focuses on the survival building experience and less on the pvp aspect of things. Protection regions and general item protection is available to stop those griefers and Jobs, Quests and MCMMO are heavily utilised to give an immersive and interesting experience!

We also use a tonne more interesting plugins and have our own plugin Z0mcraft plugone!

Z0mcraft also features a ranking system based on play time and achievement that offers players with a variety of new commands and functions. the system is as follows: Newcomer, Member, Knight, Explorer, Champion!

Server is still currently in the works so expect a few areas to be unfinished as it is early days!

our website (z0mcraft.enjin.com) is where most of the community lives and I'd recommend creating an account there to get the full Z0mcraft experience. We also have a discord available. For more information check out z0mcraft.enjin.com/discord!

Our staff and server are super friendly and we'll be happy to help anytime! If you're feeling experienced feel free to apply for a staff rank on our website! Hope to see you there! - z0m

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