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A Minecraft Story always starts with a block.
  • Explore the world with your friends without limits with our 24/7 server!
  • Create towns and nations, promote your friends, and prove you're the best by challenging other guilds.
  • Improve your towns/nations by ranking up and earn more rewards!
  • Battle mobs! Level up your adventurer rank! Earn OP items though our EliteMobs adventuring setup. Earn all 200+ custom enchants!
  • Go get a pet! We have an RPG like pet system so you will have a companion always!
  • Rank up through the ranks by playing more!
If you and your friends are looking for server to play with, then MineCommunity is for you. We are looking for casual minecraft players to play minecraft with. ♥

type /server, after logging in. See you! ♥
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