PrestigiousMC Survival/towny

PrestigiousMC Survival/towny

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- Stable server with great community (Created 21st November 2014)
Join a established friendly community, Become a member of a community that will last for many more years.

- Survival with self-serve protection and anti-grief
Protect your land using protection blocks! You can easily add your friends to these blocks and prevent outsiders from doing anything inside your plot. 

- Holiday events
We like to have fun and we love to celebrate which is why we host epic events every Valentines, Easter, Halo'ween, Christmas, new years and the servers anniversary. Double McMMO xp and fly weekends happen every 2-3 months which grants everybody access to /fly and double XP in their McMMO skills for a whole weekend.

- Keep items on death
You will no longer lose your hours worth of mining by falling in lava or losing your items from a sneaky creeper. You keep all of your items on death.

- Good Economy with trading and player shops
Players can create their own shops in the market place, The server shops only sell a small amount of items so it's up to the players to set up their own prices and trade for items they need.

- Towny (Create your own town with ranks/plots/town chat)

- Minigames to play with friends
We provide a few minigames such as Parkour, Pac-Man and PvP Maps which can all be played with friends for rewards.

- Creative Server
We also have a creative server where you are free to build with friends, You can get there by typing /server creative.

- SkyBlock & SkyGrid Server
Play Skyblock with friends, 6 starter islands to choose from, 50+ challenges to complete, Craftbook, PvP arena, Player shops and a lot more! You can get to skyblock by typing /server skyblock.

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PrestigiousMC Survival/towny