★ 1.12.2 ★ Slimefun ★ Factions ★ ★ 1.12.2 ★ Slimefun ★ Factions ★

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Welcome to VoIP Lan Party Minecraft!
This is probably the best server you have ever stumbled upon where the adventure and creativity never end. Join Us!

Server Texure Pack:

- Airships Faction Wars in the PVP and Zombies servers using Movecraft Plugin
- Cars and Guns using TeeMobile and Slimefun Plugin
- Slimefun with All Supported Add-ons
- Sensible Toolkit Plugin
- Map of all the Server using Dynmap
- Towny Server PVE in world and PVP in Nether/End
- Factions Server
- City World Zombies Survival with Factions with MoveCraft Plugin
- Creative Slimefun Server saperate from survival Servers
- Zombies Server: Arma III or DAYZ based Factions gameplay
- Random Generated Dungeons using Slimefun all over each Slimefun Server.
- MCMMO enabled: gain skill levels
- Jobs Plugin with 3 jobs to join at once
- ChestShop Plugin
- Economy
- Family Friendly Server
- Top Hardware Server Specs (i7, 32GB RAM 500GB SSD)
What are your waiting for? Invite all your friends and family to join the fun.

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