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Welcome to The Lost and Found Servers modded survival. We host a 1.18.1 Fabric server with loads of content like Origins, AdventureZ, Artifacts and more! Thanks to Fabrics lightweight API we can host a plethora of mods (170+!!!) with little to no effort for most computers (results may vary). We also sport Flans Claiming system, very similar to goldshovel claiming with a much more user friendly and intuitive GUI that makes managing your claims SUPER easy!! We also use Essentials style commands that allow players the use of tpa's, spawn, warps, and etc. World generation is brought to you by Teralith! A completely new minecraft experience added to an already new generation type thanks to 1.18. Explore new types of mountains, forests, mesas, deserts and so much more! Trek the Nether with a whole new level of awe and terror thanks to BetterNether, which completely overhauls the Nether into a brand new Hell just waiting to be conquered! Dont think we forgot about The End either, with "The End:Remastered" there exists on the other side of that chilling void portal, a breath-taking landscape full of new structures, beautiful block-types, creatures and fauna to behold! So what are you waiting for!?! There are outstanding new worlds to be captivated by here! Incredible new monsters to fight and bosses to showdown with and so much more! Come join us here in the Lost and Found!

This is a modpack, If you would like to join you can download the modpack here > If you need any help join our discord here
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