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===========※CRAFTSHIRE※============ 1.19.2 - SURVIVAL - PARKOUR - DUNGEONS
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※CRAFTSHIRE※ ❘ Java ❘ 1.19.2

Craftshire is a server packed full of exciting new features to keep you entertained! We have anti-cheat plugins to keep away hackers. Features Include:
►Discord - In our discord server you can share your builds, art and get to know the community.
►Players Vote For New Features - We want everyone to feel heard, in our discord server you can suggest and vote for new features in our server!►Daily Quests - Every day you will be given three quests with rewards for competition.
►Crates - Get rewards from our loot crates! Open with keys you can win through voting, events and dungeons!
►Dungeons - Battle your way through new and exciting dungeons either alone or with friends!
►Parkour  - Original parkour maps for you to jump your way through and earn rewards.
►Player Warps - Set up a warp at your shop or base!
►Player Shop Area In Spawn - Buy a stall in our market area in spawn.
►Admin Shop With Wearable And Decorative Items  - Customise your character with hats and wings! Spruce up your base with various decorations and furniture!
►Jobs - Earn money while you play, choose from a wide range of jobs.
►Mythical Races  - Want some extra perks to help you along your journey? Pick out a mythical race to boost your playing experience!
►Grief And Chest Protection - Feel safe know your items are protected against unwanted guests.
And much more!

These are just a few of our server's features, if you want to find out what else we have, why not join us?

At Craftshire we welcome everyone to join our community of dedicated, friendly and open players. Our staff are committed to keeping you safe and making sure you have the best time here!

Craftshire is a growing project, while we already have a bunch of features for you to enjoy, we're always adding more! And we are also open to suggestions, we want you as a community member to feel safe here and feel heard. If you want to give your thoughts remember to join the discord and visit our #suggestions channel!

Join our Discord -

We look forward to meeting you!

Created by CBP2000 and BarneyTheBuilder
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