Fallen Lords

Fallen Lords

Server address: fallen-lords.net


Hey there!

Come join our little community server!

Fallen Lords is a cosy community server that keeps all its players close, all the staff are friends going back years and we want to create a truly unique server experience that encapsulates the true spirit of server friends.

We have a simple survival world and a creative plot world with mcmmo to keep people working on big homes and land claims, land is protected to prevent grief, plots on creative are 128x128 to give you plenty of room to build, we encourage players to talk and play with staff.

We have a shop system for you to buy and sell whatever you find, the server is flexible and always coming up with new changes and ideas to find its identity, come join us and help us make the server the most welcoming it can be :)


Check ingame or our vote sites for a Discord server link

Click here to make and download a free animated banner

Or customize live banner:

Fallen Lords