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|==============| 1Griffindark_1MC |==============| Previously known as MyFunCraft
  • Child Friendly
  • Fair and Friendly staff
  • Unique Ranking System
  • Awesome Kits for Ranks
  • Player made Towns
  • Ranking through time (Autorank)
  • Anti-grief
  • Anti-PvP
  • Skyblock
  • House Market
  • Economy
  • Family-Friendly
  • [/list]Minigames[list=1]
  • Mazes
  • PvP Arenas
  • HungerGames
  • SkyWars
  • Infected
  • Spleef
  • Command Block operated games
  • Adventure Maps
  • Zombie Defense
  • Parkour Courses
  • [/list]Creative[list=1]
  • 100x100 Creative Plots
  • Building Contests
  • Redstone Enabled
  • [/list]SkyBlock[list=1]
  • Anti-PvP
  • Anti-grief
  • SkyBlock Shop
  • [/list]SkyGrid[list=1]
  • Anti-PvP
  • [/list]
    My Fun Craft is a server that has been in existence for nearly 4 years now. Many newcomers refer to the staff and server as one of the friendliest they have found, where they can mine, build, explore, and go on adventures. Set with a medieval theme (not forced!), one can work through the ranks to become a Mod simply by playing on the server. One of the best perks our server has to offer is the ranking system, which grants a player with awesome Commands and forever better armor the higher you rank up. Another perk is that our server is filled with awesome builders to bring activities to players such as hungergames arenas, pvp arenas, spleef arenas, mazes, defense towers filled with mobs that one must fight to succeed horse racing, fantastic parkour courses that leave players raving for more. If you are tired of servers not treating players in a fair or kind way, or having to pay for positions such as mod or admin, then look no further because we don't allow such methods. Everyone ranks up through play time on the server and disrespect from Staff (and Players!) is strictly against the rules! We provide a family-friendly environment for children of all ages to play and our caring Staff will ensure that they are looked after and treated with respect, like all of our other Players.Does this sound like a dream come true? Is this server a place that you want to be a part of and make great? If so, we welcome you to join us! My Fun Craft is the place to be! :) If you have any questions, feel free to ask any member of staff!
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