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Welcome to the Homiecraft Network!
Attention players: An issue with server voting was reported. Working to fix it as soon as possible!
HomieCraft is a vanilla-esque server with a community in mind. We're here to play Hardmode Vanilla survival together.We are protected by strong DDoS protection and Anti Cheat/grief plugins, However, we avoid game-changing plugins; nothing to distract from core Minecraft gameplay. 

Come join our Community. ^_^ 


Do not steal or grief under any circumstances. 

No X-Raying / Cheating / Duping whatsoever

Avoid engaging in extremely sensitive topics. 

You are responsible for your own account. 

Immature, annoying, or drama-starters may be permanently banned without warning. 

Do not build near another player. Make sure you are at least 150 blocks away. 

Report unacceptable staff behavior to Huntresslove. 

Use your common sense.Everything else that is not covered in this 
can be summarized as 'using your common sense'. For more information on the rules listed above go to http://homiescraft.enjin.com/ . 
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