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Brave New World  1.14.4... is a survival / creative / skyblock minecraft server. We have included many added options to help out ALL players likes.
In Survival Domain Grief Protection to ensure areas can be safe from grief.  Players can /sethomes and /tpa or /tpahere to explore and tighten relations with other players. Player based economy from buying to selling. PVP is aloud in all areas unless a peace block is placed, Stealing and griefing can make or break your survival needs. Mobs are on hard to make survival that much challenging. Wanna build a can here or join one. The server is an excellent community of all ages. Many friendships can be created.
We have great free voting ranks as well as donor packages. Great incentives to Liking our Facebook page, as well as giving us a diamond on planet minecraft. When you bring a friend get some in game money rewarded to you. Dare you to challenge yourself. Try our Parkours & Paintball
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