Atlantis [New World!]

Atlantis [New World!]

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Welcome to the sunken city of Atlantis!
On this server we play FTB Infinity on Expert mode; are you up for a challenge?
There is a small and tight community present, kept in check by a dedicated staff.

This server offers you:
-    New World! (7 nov. 2017)
-    Player Shops
-    Vote rewards
-    Grief prevention
-    Friendly community
-    Active staff

Our rules:
-    No griefing or stealing.
-    No cursing, discrimination, harassment, sexual remarks, etc.
-    Treat each other with respect.
-    No discussions about politics or religion.
-    No advertising.
-    Don’t cheat, hack, exploit bugs/glitches, dupe, etc.)
-    No PvP.
-    English in main chat, keep other languages to a minimum.
-    No traps, other contraptions/machines or actions that could hurt other players.
-    Don’t change the time or the weather (sleeping is allowed).
-    Don’t build within 100 blocks of another player without their permission.
-    Don’t beg for items or a rank.

We will add more things in the future and want your suggestions. See you on Atlantis!

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Atlantis [New World!]


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