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So What is Pirate Seas?

Pirate Seas is live action, open world, sandbox minecraft server. Players construct and sail they're very own ships, muster a crew, and explore the seas of adventure and treasure. Loot islands for plunder and goods, trade at various ports for gold to feed your desires. Claim the sea as your own, rein terror among other pirates and construct forts to protect what is yours. You can also discover ancient ruins and learn of ultimate treasures. But keep in mind lad, we are not alone, dark forces are on the rise, rumors of the Skeleton King at large have been all around, Captain Brutus and his ghost crew have also been heard to be sailing the seas once again. The possibilities are endless and the action infinite, all in the world of Pirate Seas, the adventure awaits you!

There are many unique, challenging, and rewarding quests to take on all over the world of Pirate Seas!

Yes! In Pirate Seas, players may build ships and sail them, as well as outfit them with working cannons and anchors!

Players can sail to numerous ports to trade items for gold, build or buy ships, and socially interact with other players and crews.

The Pirate Seas world is full of hundreds of islands to loot for items, search for treasure, build bases or ships, raid other players and more!

There are custom mobs all over the world for players to hunt, fight, and salvage during their adventures.�

This is just a glimpse of the world of Pirate Seas, for more visit us at PirateSeas.net

What are you waiting for lad?�The Adventure Awaits You!

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