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SWAN: Revolved is a brand new world with the same old mostly vanilla-style that previous SWAN players may be familiar with. However, there are a few major changes: Players have very few homes and no access to /tpa. This is to encourage physical connections between players (such as the nether tunnel pictured above) and to encourage exploration as well.

The server isn't for everyone, but if you like a mostly vanilla experience with a few extra tweaks, SWAN: Revolved is for you. We have custom crafting recipes, a tree feller, plugins that help with ease of use, custom advancements, and more. Come join us if you feel so inclined, and we'll welcome you with open arms! :)

We have a website, although it's relatively knew and not completely adopted yet. However, it contains a wiki where you can find a lot of information such as our plugins, the custom recipes we have, and information on ranks and donating.
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