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Next level of Survival - Can you survive our next gen mobs
Welcome To TemplePrime,
We are a friendlycommunity where people can enjoy playing together without the worry of beeing
killed by PVP.

We offer a newdimension of Survival, with a whole new world with special villages, new tools,
armors ans some items

Also have we abunch of new mobs that you have to deal with. @ this moment is the first PVE
arena in building progress so there can you later train your mob-fighting

PVP will not be allowedin the world but only @SPECIAL ARENAS.
You can claim and protect your land  ofGriefers but also from mobs destrying blocks or killing your animals

We have a [email protected]
You don’t need to register there @the site, but if you do you get some more
privileges, updates and if you vote for us you get points on the site that you
can use @the shop.
So come and join us and try making beautifull cities with us
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